Patreon Exclusive: A REAL update on WWE contract statuses

While we were sitting pretty after SWEEPING our Royal Rumble picks and stories, the rest of the no-news parasites continued to spout fabricated fake news garbage, while the clueless marks kept eating up.
After we gave the real reason why Lars Sullivan was off TV, some clown made up a story saying Sullivan was meant to paired with Daniel Bryan. We also saw RSW report that Seth Rollin’s was a Triple H choice, not Vince McMahon choice- a story you guys saw on here about 3 months ago. We had David Meltzer lie about a number of contract statuses, including stating that Ziggler had a multi year deal. He also managed to fabricate a story that AEW were interested in Brock Lesnar, simply because Jericho insulted him a tweet.
We also had the likes of Justin Barasso and Brad Sht-Cnt, attempt to get their own fake stories on the radar, despite their proven track record of knowing fck all. What we haven’t had this week is any news from Wrestlevotes! They are reeling from their humiliating week were they told people the Royal Rumble winner would be a repeat winner and that The Rock would be appaearing at the Royal Rumble last Sunday- man, what a fcking joke of a source they are!
Never fear, the only accurate source in wrestling, that being myself, Billi Bhatti, has opted to get off his sick bed and save the day with this much needed clarification piece.
Here is an update on all the WWE superstars who are nearing the end of their contacts.

AJ Styles- We were the ONLY ones who reported WHY Styles lost the title- now all these pieces of crap report it like they knew all along.. go fck yourselves. We were the only ones who knew why AJ was dropping the title. The current situation is the same as it has has been for sometime. AJ Styles signed in January 2016 for 3 years. His contract expired on January 1st 2019. Expired contracts automatically roll over until one of the parties give the other 90 days notice to cease the contract. Thus far, neither have given their 90 days notice, therefore, AJ Styles will be a part of WrestleMania. I believe he will stay with the WWE.

Brock Lesnar- Brock’s deal has been explained to death by us. We are the only site who EVER seem to know the facts behind Lesnar’s deals. Brock signed in April 2012 for $5m to do 3 matches in one year. He then decided to re-sign in 2013 for another year, but this time he would do 4 matches a year for $3.1m. After agreeing to another year just before WrestleMania 30, where he’d again get $3.1m for 4 matches, Brock was given the streak and a WWE title run.
Once Roman failed to get over, Brock signed his biggest ever WWE deal in April 2015, for $10m over 3 years for 4 PPVs and 10 Raws a year, $500,000 per extra PPV, $100,000 per extra Raw and $100,000 per house Show. In April 2019, Brock re-signed for $400,000 one year, just for his image rights and NO GUARANTEED appearances. He would be paid $500,000 per PPV, $100,000 per Raw and $100,000 per house Show, with a special stipulation to appear at every Saudi show and be paid $1m or more, under a favoured nations agreement- meaning he would always be the top earner on the show. So at the last show, with Shawn Michaels making $1.6m, the WWE had to match that amount for Brock. Brock’s deal runs out after WrestleMania 35. He’s very unlikely to ever wrestle for anyone but the WWE.

Dean Ambrose- Dean Ambrose came to the main roster in November 2012, still working under a developmental deal, along with his other Shield colleagues. These deals were replaced by two year deals in April 2013 worth $250,000 a year, however, just one year into their two year deals all three members of The Shield resigned 5 year deals worth $1m each, with enough bonuses to ensure that all 3 would earn over $2m a year (Reigns has regularly earned over $5m a year). While Rollins and Reigns negotiated improved multi year deals in 2017 and 2018, Ambrose was absent for most of 2018. Negotiations only opened when Ambrose returned, however, he has remained adamant to leave the WWE ever since discussions began. The WWE have now given up on keeping Ambrose.

Dolph Ziggler- Dave Meltzer doesn’t know sht about anything and his Ziggler story proves it. Dolph has been signing one year extensions since November 2015. In November 2017 he signed a 3 month extension to feud Bobby Roode, and in January 2018 he signed a one year extension from Royal Rumble to Royal Rumble. The plan was to write Ziggler off TV after the cage match with Drew McIntyre, but Ziggler held fresh contract talks with the WWE in Phoenix during Royal Rumble weekend. Both AEW and Japan are interested in Ziggler.

Gallow and Anderson- These guys signed for three years in April 2016. Their run has been somewhat of a failure and our sources understand they are highly unlikely to get new WWE deals, especially not at $400,000 each- which is what they signed for last time.

Hideo Itami- We broke this story a year ago. WWE and Hideo have been done for some time. Hideo signed in 2014 for 4 years under match fanfare- when he was presented by Hulk Hogan. His contract expired in January 2018, however, due to injuries, Itami had to continue wrestling for the WWE for an additional year as he owed the company so many dates.

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