Wake Up! Stories linking top WWE talents to AEW are FAKE NEWS

In the past few weeks you’ve seen numerous clueless websites posting clickbait stories linking WWE stars to AEW. Household WWE names such as Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles and Randy Orton have all been linked to AEW, with WWE to AEW stories becoming the latest popularised clickbait trend among the usual fake news sites such as, Ringside News, Fighful, Sportskeeda and other worthless garbage sites. It should be well known by now, that these sites have NO CONNECTIONS with anyone in the WWE and their news is primarily made up to get clicks.

When not making up complete bulls**t, these sites will often resort to quoting the likes of Dave Meltzer, Mike Johnson, Wrestlevotes and Sports Illustrated, sources who have been historically less than 10% accurate with their wrestling news stories. It was only The Dirty Sheets who provided some realistic clarity to the AEW/WWE situation via our Patreon page last week, when we systematically broke down the contract statuses of a number of WWE Superstars who have been linked to AEW or are currently nearing the end of their contracts and are currently in negotiations with the WWE. For those who missed the article, you can read it by clicking the link, below: https://www.patreon.com/posts/patreon-real-on-24430624

According to our sources, AEW have made no contact with anyone under a WWE contract and this will remain the case, as the WWE are completely aware of AEW and are astutely aware of any legal approaches. They have also made their talents aware of the implications of illegal approaches, therefore, superstars can not claim there has been any lack of clarity on WWE’s part.

Those wishing to join AEW are aware that they must allow their WWE contracts to expire and then submit their 90 days notice to the company, to signify to end of their deal. Thus far, only Dean Ambrose has completed this process, making him a viable candidate to join AEW on July 1st 2019. Other than Dean Ambrose, all the other talents mentioned are firmly under WWE contracts, while the likes of Nakamura, AJ Styles, Rusev and Dolph Ziggler remain in negotiations with the WWE.

Three names who may be available to join AEW are, Hideo Itami, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Hideo Itami is now out of contract with the WWE, while Gallows and Anderson’s deals expire on April 1st, with the pair not in any negotiations to re-sign with the WWE. It’s highly possible that Hideo Itami will join AEW, followed Dean Ambrose, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in July 2019. Other than that, all other names are likely to stay with the WWE, barring a breakdown in contract negotiations.

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