Exclusive: Incredible list reveals that Randy Orton is set to become 2nd highest paid wrestler of all-time

According to a highly reliable source, Randy Orton’s next contract, be it with WWE or AEW, will make him the second highest paid wrestler of all-time!

It has been exclusively revealed to The Dirty Sheets that Orton currently sits THIRD in the all-time earners list, which calculates the estimated earnings of EVERY wrestler since WrestleMania began, and includes money made at WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, independents and via sponsorship deals.

John Cena currently comfortably leads the list, however, if Orton is given another 10 year deal for $4.5m a year, he would eclipse John Cena at the top. However, our sources are firmly expecting Orton to re-sign a 5 year deal for leas dates and less money, for around $3m-$3.5m a year, which will take him past Hulk Hogan in second spot- who made over $5m from 1987 to 1991 (he made around $6.8m in 1989). Despite Cena topping the charts by regularly earning in excess of $8m a year between 2006 and 2015, it’s Steve Austin who had the two biggest years in wrestling, earning an estimated $12.8m and $11.5m in 1998 and 1999, respectively.

Other notables include Brock Lesnar and The Rock, who both exceed the $25m mark. While Brock has the highest average payout per an appearance, it’s The Rock who has the highest payout per match, collectively earning over $7m from his matches at WrestleMania 28 and 29. It should be noted that list only includes wrestling-related income, therefore Rock’s movie earnings, Lesnar’s UFC earnings, The Undertaker’s extensive property portfolio income and Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit victory over Gawker, are all excluded.

In another interesting tidbit, Randy Savage boasts the biggest individual sponsorship deal in history, earning a shade over $3m during his years with Slim Jim, eclipsing the $1.75m that Brock Lesnar has earned from Jimmy Johns, thus far.

The Top 30 list of “estimated lifetime earnings” is as follows:

1) John Cena $98.2m

2) Hulk Hogan $62.75m

3) Randy Orton $62.6m

4) Triple H $57.9m

5) Undertaker $41.5m

6) Steve Austin $39.2m

7) Shawn Michaels $34.5m

8) Bret Hart $31.5m

9) Brock Lesnar $28.3m

10) Ric Flair $26.8m

11) The Rock $25.2m

12) Randy Savage $23.75m

13) Chris Jericho $22.5m

14) Kane $21.5m

15) Mick Foley $20.25m

16) Kevin Nash $19.4m

17) Sting $18.8m

18) Big Show $18.25m

19) Batista $17.5m

20) Roman Reigns $17.2m

21) Kurt Angle $17m

22) Scott Hall $16.5m

23) Edge $15.75m

24) Shane McMahon $15.5m

25) Rey Mysterio $14.3m

26) Sheamus $13.75m

27) Goldberg $13.5m

28) Mark Henry $12.75m

29) Rowdy Piper $12.7m

30) Lex Luger $12.5m

Other notables

Ultimate Warrior $12.2m

Ted Dibiase $11.8m

Seth Rollins $11.25m

Dolph Ziggler $10.75m

The Miz $10.5m

Dean Ambrose $10.5m

DDP $10.3m

Big Boss Man $9.75m

CM Punk $9.5m

Jerry Lawler $9.4m (WWE only)

Andre the Giant $8.6m

Sycho Sid $8.25m

Daniel Bryan $7.25m

Jake Roberts $7.2m

Sable $5.8m

Trish Stratus $5.3m

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