What’s Up? Corey Graves’ wife reveals he’s been banging Carmella!

Nothing will ever beat Paige’s glorious sex videos, however, this week certainly has been pretty entertaining. First we had the arrest of an Uso for squaring up to a Pig in Detroit, then just a few minutes ago we got the news that Corey Graves has been getting into Carmella’s panties.

Amy Polinsky, the wife of WWE commentator Corey Graves, took to her Instagram account in an effort to shed some light on an alleged affair between Graves and WWE Superstar, Carmella.

This was her shocking post:

Carmella previously had a relationship with Big Cass and has been romantically linked to John Cena. Apparently Carmella has a unique set of skills men seemingly can’t say no to… “and you can’t teach that!”

Given that Carmella has dropped down the card since losing the SmackDown’s Women’s Championship, her legacy will see probably be that she’s had more company dick than championships.

Can you blame Graves? Who would say no to this?

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