Kayfabe Lies: Andre the Giant Battle Royal set to be renamed

According to our reliable source, Dave Scmeltzer, The Andre the Giant Battle Royal is set to be renamed to the Carmella invitational for this year’s WrestleMania. It will involve more participants than ever before, as it will solely feature superstars who have had sexual relations with Carmella.

Despite his career injury, it’s believed that Corey Graves will be allowed to wrestle in the match as a one off. Big Cass and Enzo will also be bought back for the match, as our source has confirmed that there were many nights when the former tag team weren’t just a tag team in the ring.

Cass and Enzo shared more than tag team chemistry

R-Truth will also be in the match, as Carmella and Truth’s mixed match challenge victory lead to a huge sexual celebration which also included Little Jimmy. Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods will also appear in the match and our sources expect their latest homemade video to surface shortly.

Other Superstars invited to participate include; one legged wrestler Zach Gowen, Hornswoggle, every past member of the 4 Horsemen, Road-Dogg Brian James, Bill DeMott and The Dungeon of the Doom, No Way Jose’s entourage and many others, including numerous NXT Superstars yet to be named.

Two surprise names who have been mentioned are Darren Young and Pat Patterson, who despite not engaging in full sexual relations with Carmella, did participate in experimental relations with the former WWE Women’s Champion, as she believed she could change them.

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