The TRUTH about Michael Jackson

Let’s look at the truth about Michael Jackson..

In the 80’s Michael Jackson produced the two greatest pieces of art in the history of the music industry- Thriller and Bad. These albums weren’t filled with 3-4 chart hits and 8 other songs the artist rushed through to turn in an album. Michael Jackson didn’t finish an album in 8 hours, like Tupac. Watch any documentary about these albums, Jackson poured his heart and soul into every lyric and every song was worthy of a No.1 single and every song is remembered now in 2019.

And this is where the problems really began… the albums were too good.

The media and music industry bosses knew that everything else before and after these albums won’t be comparable in sound, sales or attention. Michael Jackson’s talent touched the ceiling and blew the roof off the house. Therefore, in order to make anyone that came after him seem like a relevant global star, you had to bring Michael Jackson down. You had to bury that talent. You had to make the name “Michael Jackson” a dirty word. Otherwise you couldn’t market Justin Timblerlake, Usher, Destiny’s Child, Kanye West, Drake and plethora of boybands who came after Michael Jackson. Everyone would’ve been a secondary act, while the greatest of all time was still unanimously the biggest star in the world.

None of the artists mentioned have 5% of the talent that Michael Jackson had. Therefore, to stop people talking about the music, they fabricated a narrative to make his talents secondary to stories they would make up. It began with “Wacko Jacko” and evolved into child molestation. This is the same media who we widely accept killed Princess Diana, but because Michael wasn’t killed in a car chase, people are too stupid to see that they began killing Michael Jackson from the 80’s and they finally succeeded with the goal in 2009.

Had Michael Jackson continued to gain upward momentum in the 90’s he would’ve put out his music via is own label and would’ve signed every major artist on the planet. Who would’ve said “no” to working with Michael Jackson? Before one black man could control the whole music industry, they had to stop him. And they did.

That’s the truth about Michael Jackson.

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