Exclusive: Paige likely to leave the WWE soon

Paige signed a three year developmental deal with the WWE in 2011. After making her the first NXT Women’s Champion, the WWE firmly believed that she would be a key player in the women’s division for many years to come and offered her a huge $500,000 a year, six-year deal, when she was promoted to the main roster in 2014.

Unfortunately for Paige, she has been injured for large periods of time over the last 5 years and was forced to retire last year. This means she has made under half of the $3m she was expected to earn during her 6 year deal, based on the terms of the contract. What’s even more concerning is that Paige only has 13 months left on the deal, with a new deal highly unlikely- based on the fact that Paige has very little to offer the company.

It was thought that the film “Fighting with Family,” based on Paige’s life, may be her saving grace, but the film is currently struggling to break even at the Box Office. It’s now difficult to see why the WWE would re-sign a talent, who not only can’t compete in the ring, but who also embarrassed the company when numerous pornographic home videos of her were released in 2017.

It’s possible that the WWE may find a non-wrestling role for Paige, but it’s far more likely that they may cut their losses and part ways with someone who has been somewhat of a liability over the past 2 years. Even if the WWE do make Paige a new offer, would Paige be willing to stay for a $80,000-$100,000 deal, or would she rather attempt to get her injury re-examined and go down the independent route?

Despite the fact Paige won’t earn the full $3m from her current deal, it’s likely she is a millionaire, who has made enough to live the rest of her life comfortably- without wrestling. However, we feel it’s almost certain that Paige isn’t going to fade away and quietly dissapear.

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