Exclusive: Drew McIntyre achieves Main Event milestone on Raw

Last Monday night on Raw saw Drew McIntyre become the first man in 2 and a half years to Main Event 3 consecutive Raws in singles matches. If McIntyre Main Events next week’s Raw in a singles match, he will be the ONLY man in history to Main Event 4 in a row. The last man to Main Event in 3 consecutive Raw singles matches was Kevin Owens, in September 2016.

McIntyre previously Main Evented 3 Raws in a row last October, but in tag matches. He shared this feat with the trio of Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, who also all wrestled in all 3 of these matches. In this sequence, McIntyre would go on to Main Event 4 out of 5 Raws, as he would go on to Main Event Raw’s UK taping against Kurt Angle in Manchester- where he was convincingly victorious over the WWE Legend and Hall of Famer

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