Opinion: My Top 5 WrestleMania 35 matches

This is strictly an opinion piece. I’m quite aware that the top 5 matches this year are, the Women’s Championship Triple Threat, Brock vs Rollins, Bryan vs Kofi, Triple H vs Batista and either Miz vs Shane, Styles vs Orton or Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre, depending on who you ask. However, this list looks at the 5 matches I’m personally most looking forward to.

5) Styles vs Orton- This has been built really well, centring around an indies vs WWE plot. The promos have been very solid and the premise has been really simple. This one is guaranteed to deliver in the ring, however, the lack of the stakes and the fact I think this could simply be match one in a series, means I couldn’t rank it any higher. If it’s not part of a series, it will be because these two get separated in the brand split- which in itself, will render the outcome irrelevant in a few weeks. Future thinking aside, it’ll be fun while it’s happening.

4) Reigns vs McIntyre- In 2016, Reigns and McIntyre were regarding as 2 of the top 5 workers in the world, with AJ Styles widely regarded as the No.1. Fast forward to 2019 and we get the match at WrestleMania 35, with both men still firmly in their prime. However, unlike so many storylines this year, this one hasn’t been over complicated by the build. Roman Reigns has returned to WWE after beating cancer, and the heel, Drew McIntyre, wants to pick him off while he thinks he’s still weak. It’s the easiest story in the world to tell, with a clear face and heel divide. In addition to that, the heel has got all the heat going in, destroying Reigns every week on TV. Despite the almost perfect booking, this does somewhat telegraph the result, which is the only reason this one didn’t finish higher.

3) Lesnar vs Rollins- Lots of people won’t want to see this, this high, based on the fact that Lesnar only showed up 3 times to build it. However, it’s Brock freakin’ Lesnar. Seeing Brock Lesnar live generates a buzz that no other performer can generate. In addition to that, it’s a 50-50 match which will play out infront of a 90-10 crowd. If Seth wins, 90% of the fans will be elated, while if he loses, 90% will be absolutely livid. Only Brock can generate this kind of fan reaction and I’m frankly excited to see the direction either way. For the record, I’m going with Brock.

2) Bryan vs Kofi- Had it not been for lazy booking, this one could’ve been No.1, however, WWE’s lack of creativity, in terms of giving us gauntlet match after gauntlet match, really dragged it down. However, credit where it’s due, WWE did have the sense to change plans and go with Kofi Kingston in this spot- a man who is ironically the most organic WWE Title challenger since his opponent, Daniel Bryan. It’s amazing to see Bryan in this role, where he’s the heel Champion opposing the so-called B+ player, and succeeding in generating legitimate heel heat. Meanwhile, Kofi may be the most supported babyface on the show, possibly sharing that distinction with Becky Lynch. The air will be sucked out of building if Bryan takes this one, much like The Undertaker losing at WrestleMania XXX. If that transpires, it’ll certainly involve a major heel turn by The New Day- which in itself would provide an unforgettable moment. Either way, as long as we get a definitive finish, this match can not fail to deliver a substantial moment.

1) Rousey vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch- Last Monday’s segment pushed this back into the No.1 spot for me. Some people thought it was too hokey, but this is pro wrestling and the end of the day. Prior to that, the build had been significantly let down by the poor writing and over-booking, however, the strong performances of the performers has compensated for lacklustre story telling, aided by Lynch’s popularity and Rousey’s successful heel turn, which has made Rousey the most believable act in the company- not that she wasn’t already. All 3 women deserve to be here, and had they followed my idea from the start, which was simply for Charlotte to win the SmackDown Title at the Rumble and for Becky to win the Rumble and to choose to face BOTH Charlotte and Rousey- refusing to pick one or the other- we’d have had a much stronger and logical build to this match. Nonetheless, we got there in the end, and come match time, nobody is going to care too much about all the bumps on the road on route to the final destination- which should be Becky Lynch raising both titles to close out the show.

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