Exclusive: Inside information regarding Andrade’s future & return to SmackDown

The biggest fraud in wrestling, Brad S*it-C*nt, also known as Brad Shepard- but only to his parents- recently reported, that Charlotte was behind Andrade’s move back to SmackDown. The fraudulent f*ckface stated:

“I spoke to a source in #WWE about Andrade being moved to #SDLive, after originally being drafted to #RAW. I’m told the reason is because Charlotte used her pull to request the change. Special consideration is usually given to married or engaged couples, and they’re engaged.”

We can confirm that fool, who is signed up to our Patreon page and regularly plagiarises our news, has ZERO sources within the WWE. He’s just another guy who makes s*it up and feeds it to the dirt sheets who also have no sources within the WWE. Charlotte did NOT request this change and the couple are also NOT engaged. So the fraud is literally incorrect about EVERYTHING he reported.

One guy who does have some actual credibility is Mike Johnson. Johnson correctly reported the real reason why Andrade and Vega were moved back to SmackDown, which centred around Fox wanting Latino stars on the show in order to help draw eyes to their Spanish language show, FOX Deportes.

The WWE are said to be very keen to appease Fox, especially after the recent worrying quarterly financial report. According to our sources, Andrade could be in line for a major push which could see him showcased as a Champion on WWE Television. The current plan is to have Andrade hold the Intercontinental Championship, however, given the fact that Fox are particularly high on Andrade, there have been talks in the last week about possibly having Andrade win the Money in the Bank match- something that has been penciled in for Drew McIntyre for several months.

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