Dirty Sheets Episode 16: Monday Night Raw, 1997

The year is 1997. The stars: Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and Mick Foley. The Attitude Era is just beginning, and The Hart Foundation rules an ever growing field of factions. It was a time of anti-political correctness, and pro wrestling was hitting its stride as it began to again break into the mainstream. Storylines were well developed and not yet too over the top. Things were fun.

Oh, and we hated Canada. Ohhhhh, did we hate Canada. Why? Because Vince told us to.

This is Monday Night Raw. This is the War Zone. Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane.

Hosted by: ‘Dirtee Jesus’ Billi Bhatti (@DirteeJesus)

Featuring: ‘The Mayor of Reseda’ Derek (@cap_kaveman) and Joshua Schlag (@thesteelcage / @schlizzag)

Outro music by Wale (@wale)