Dirty Sheets Episode 44: Roadblock 2016 Results, Final Deletion, and a New Beginning

First off Billi and Nick have some exciting news to announce! In addition to their weekly show on The Steel Cage Billi and Nick are doing a brand extension. The duo are looking to produce tons of all new weekly content with special guests and shows. All this will be featured on their own podcast feed! The new feed is called simply The Dirty Sheets and all the information about it can be found on dirtysheets.net. You can subscribe at iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, or SoundCloud! Subscribe today so you don’t miss anything and don’t worry the guys will continue to produce their regular show for thesteelcage.com.

Now on to today’s show! In the first half Billi and Nick break down the results from Road Block End of the Line and talk about where they think the WWE is headed going into Wrestlemania season. The guys also touch on the fact that despite Sasha’s inability to grasp her character, her and Charlotte put on the best match of the Night. In the second half the guys talk about Total Nonstop Deletion and where TNA goes from here. It’s a really good show so have a listen jabroni!

Featuring: ‘Dirty Jesus’ Billi Bhatti (@billibhatti), Nick (@nick_fromNY)!

The new Dirty Sheets Twitter: @DirtySheetsPod

Music by Wale (@wale)