***Spoiler*** Tonight’s Winner Between Nakamura and Cena Revealed!

What’s the story?

As reported on The Dirty Sheets podcast on our SmackDown in 30 show last week, Nakamura is set to defeat John Cena tonight. This was confirmed on our “DS Breaking News” show via our “Dirty Sheets” YouTube channel. You can view the video below.


In case you didn’t know

John Cena and Nakamura will face off tonight to determine who will face Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.

The Heart of the matter

The Dirty Sheets can confirm that not only will Nakamura win the match tonight, but our sources have informed us that he will defeat John Cena “clean in the middle” via pinball, without any shenanigans.

What’s next?

Summerslam will take place on August 20th and emanate from Brooklyn, New York for the third year in a row.

Author’s Take

This outcome will surprise many, but it doesn’t surprise us. Mahal and Nakamura have been facing off at house shows in preparation for a major televised match later down the line, whilst John Cena is set to move over to Raw after SummerSlam.