Is The WWE Giving Up On Raw’s Third Hour?

With ratings declining consistently for Raw’s third hour has WWE given up on it?

What’s the story?

As reported by The Dirty Sheets via our YouTube video, below, the WWE opting to Main Event with Cass and Big Show was a strategic decision to get more eyes on more significant storylines.



In case you didn’t know

Cass and Big Show surprisingly Main Evented Raw last Monday, in what many people considered to be a very underwhelming end to the show.

The heart of the matter

The WWE opted to change several things based on the results of their quarterly reports.

The WWE were also said to be disappointed with both their network subscriber number and Raw ratings- specifically the third hour.

The statistics shockingly reveal that the third over Raw has FAILED to beat the second hour of Raw every single week in 2017. No matter what the WWE have closed the show out with, the second hour has always beaten the third hour every week.


This has lead to an internal change, with company planning to put more Main Events at the end of the second hour moving forward.
In addition to altering the format of Raw, the company have also opted to cut various costs in order to raise profit margins. This includes getting rid of pyro, reducing travel costs and cancelling popular WWE Network shows.

What’s next?

The company’s next PPV will be SummerSlam, which will emanate from Brooklyn, New York, for the third year in a row.

Author’s Take

Fans often complain about Raw being too long and the numbers don’t lie, based on the fact that Raw hasn’t been able to maintain its audience throughout 2017. The second hour beating the third EVERY WEEK, certainly is damning evidence that a 3 hour Raw isn’t working for a lot of fans and why the WWE are opting to put plus less significant angles and matches on the third hour. This certainly will take fans some time to adjust to, having been conditioned to thinking the Main Event goes on last for many decades.