Was Jinder a Failure?

Quarterly reports confirm Mahal’s title reign as a failed experiment

What’s the story?

As reported by The Dirty Sheets via our YouTube video, below, the WWE is likely to end the reign of Jinder Mahal shortly. This comes after the company’s quarterly report indicated that Jinder’s title run has not increased business in India whatsoever.


In case you didn’t know

Jinder surprisingly won the WWE Championship at Backlash in May. We correctly broke the news of the title change via our SK Exclusive story.

The heart of the matter

As things stand, the WWE is planning to take the WWE Championship off Jinder Mahal in the near future, based on the results of their quarterly reports.

This adds more weight to our previous story, where we reported that Lagardère Sports, the WWE’s new international sponsorship sales agency, advised the company not to put too much focus on the Indian market- deeming it to very poor in terms of “spend per head,” with limited money making potential.

The WWE was also said to be disappointed with their network subscribers. The company recently opted to cut costs in order to raise profit margins. This includes getting rid of pyro, reducing travel costs and canceling popular WWE Network shows.


What’s next?

The company’s next PPV will be SummerSlam, which will emanate from Brooklyn, New York, for the third year in a row.

Author’s Take

Many fans won’t be too upset to see Jinder Mahal’s run as WWE Champion come to an end, especially if he drops the belt to Nakamura, a major fan favorite. However, fans have already expressed their displeasure at having several of their favorite network shows canceled, especially The Edge and Christian Show.