Paige States She Will Return to The WWE “Hopefully in the next couple months”

Local San Antonio news station KENS5 recently caught up to Paige who stated she was looking to return to the active roster “hopefully in the next couple of months.” You can see video below of her interaction with the station’s reporter.

Paige has been absent from the WWE since last fall when she was first suspended for a ‘wellness policy’ violation. After her first violation she was found to have broken the policy again that winter. Since then she has been out of action with an unspecified ‘back’ injury. Many have called into question whether Paige ever will return due to her volatile relationship with Alberto El Patron.

WWE is currently producing a movie about Paige’s life story. The film is a co-production with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. If it wasn’t for the movie, many have speculated that Paige would have been released long ago.