***Updated***Is Rusev Getting Released?


Update 2: Were we right?

Rusev has just tweeted thanking WWE front office implying that his time with the company is over. There is a possibility he is trolling but given the past 24 hours it would be very odd timing. It appears our original report may have been correct. We are awaiting official word from WWE. You can see his tweet below:

Update 1:

We have received additional information from a person with knowledge on the matter stating there is “no truth” to the story whatsoever. Lana, Rusev and Brian James (Road Dogg) have all issued statements on twitter refuting the story:

We will let you the reader decide which unnamed source to believe.

Rusev and Lana ask for their release

As reported by The Dirty Sheets, via our YouTube channel, the 15th August SmackDown may go down as one of the most chaotic in history, but not for it’s in-ring action. Our sources have revealed that multiple incidents occurred, including Rusev and Lana asking for their release from the company.

You can watch the YouTube video by clicking the YouTube link, below.

Rusev returned to the WWE in July after missing 4 months through injury. Rusev was initially set to return at Money in the Bank and face Randy Orton for WWE Championship, however, his push was derailed when the company opted to make Jinder Mahal the was Champion. He eventually returned at Battleground and was inserted into a feud with John Cena and was was defeated in a flag match.

It has been revealed to us that Rusev had a major altercation with creative about the way both he and his wife are being booked. It’s been said that the discussion got fairly heated at one point between Rusev and the writers, before Brian James (head of SmackDown creative) calmed things down. Our sources have also indicated to us that there is no issue between Randy Orton and Rusev and that Orton actually likes Rusev and supported Rusev’s decision to ask for his release. Orton is also said to be extremely unsatisfied with how he is being booked, but has no interest in being released, probably due to amount he is being paid.
Despite also being unhappy with the company, Lana did not directly ask for her release.

The incident with Rusev occurred on the same night that John Cena chewed out Baron Corbin at the SmackDown taping infront of creative and several talents.

You can read about that story by clicking here.

Rusev did not appear on SmackDown this week and was beaten by Randy Orton in 9 seconds at SummerSlam. It appears that not only will his request for a release not be granted, but he’s likely to booked horribly ok TV for several more months, much like Baron Corbin.

Rusev debuted on the main roster in 2014 and has flirted with moving up to a main event level on several occasions, however, 2017 has represented the worst year of his career. From being punished for a haircut to having his WWE Championship feud cancelled, to being unceremoniously bought back to TV- it’s not surprising that Rusev wants out of the company. And with Lana and Rusev being married in real life, obviously when you lose one, you lose both. Only time will tell how long the pair will last.