Real Reason Behind Shinsuke Nakamura’s Loss at Summerslam 2017

As it turns out, it had nothing to do with Nakamura!

As revealed by The Dirty Sheets via our “DS Breaking News” show on our YouTube channel and iTunes, the reason Jinder Mahal’s reign as WWE Champion was extended, was solely down to the WWE’s decision to kill the push of Baron Corbin.

You can view the YouTube video, below:


For only the third time in 2017, we, at the Dirty Sheets were incorrect (we have posted 180 stories this year, of which 177 have been correct). We indicated that Nakamura would win the Championship at SummerSlam, however, as everybody saw, it was Jinder Mahal who prevailed.

Our sources have revealed that the decision to de-push Baron Corbin, lead to a chain of events resulting in Jinder winning against Nakamura on Sunday.

The initial plan was for Nakamura to defeat Mahal at SummerSlam and for Baron Corbin to immediately cash in on Nakamura, leading to the continuation of the Corbin and Nakamura feud- with Jinder Mahal firmly out of the title picture. This is why Mahal and Nakamura barely interacted on TV, as there were no plans for the pair to become embroiled in a long-term feud.

However, the WWE decided on Tuesday that Baron Corbin would not be receiving a world title push, due to his Twitter conduct, resulting in WWE changing the finish of the Nakamura and Mahal match, so that they could extend their feud. Essentially so that Mahal could now replace Corbin, as the company had scrapped the planned continuation of the Corbin-Nakamura program.

Going into Sunday afternoon, the WWE had a very unsatisfactory DQ finish planned for the SummerSlam match. However, after Mahal received highly positive press from New York Times, who produced an entire piece on the Champion, the unpopular decision was made to put Mahal over Nakamura via pinfall.