Summerslam Short on Merchandise?

There was a significant lack of merchandise on sale Last weekend for the four Brooklyn events.

The WWE usually produce a lot of speciality merchandise for their big 4 PPVs, in addition to having a huge a variety of new merchandise available, however, this wasn’t the case for SummerSlam weekend. This was most surprising when you consider that the WWE Shop warehouse is located only 2 hours away from the Barclays Center.

I took my 6 year old son to Brooklyn with me for SummerSlam and were hoping to purchase a SummerSlam T-shirt, some action figures, bleacher creatures, signed photos and an event program, however, NONE of these items were available.
There was a SummerSlam T-shirt, but it was only for adults. The only youth t-shirts were John Cena, Roman Reigns, Suplex City Brooklyn and Finn Balor. There were no signed photos, which are commonly sold at WWE events, and there were no Mattel figures. There were a limited number of Funko Pop figures for AJ Styles, Finn Balor and The New Day. On the whole only EIGHT superstars had t-shirts for sale, with Braun Strowman being the only heel with a t-shirt. Other items including the WWE and Universal Championships, a limited number of caps, fidget spinners and dog-tags, Sasha Banks glasses, Roman Reigns gloves, Balor masks, the Gold Money in the Bank case and a generic WWE event program, which is the same one sold at house shows.

The variation of merchandise on offer from the WWE was very disappointing. We bought very little and were prepared to spend a lot, as we did at WrestleMania. Although we were not expecting the vast range of items available at Axxess, the WWE omitted items we have previously picked up at house shows, such as signed photos. My colleague, Nick Connolly (Nick from New York) confirmed that this was a very unusually poor spread for SummerSlam, having attended the last three.

With the type of fan base on attendance being the WWE’s most hardcore fans, the WWE probably missed out on thousands of dollars. We suspect this is due to the company cutting costs, however, with the show being 2 hours away from their main warehouse, we are truly baffled as to why there was such a limited amount of merchandise available, especially for young children.

In the end, my child got an AJ and Finn Funko Pops, an AJ Styles fidget spinner and the generic house show program. I only spent $55 of my $200 budget for the merchandise stand. WrestleMania goes down next April where WWE are likely to once again offer all their merchandise along at Axxess with Axxess exclusive items.