Smackdown Business is Way Down ***UPDATED***

We at the Dirty Sheets are tremendous wrestling fans. Billi Flew in from England to NY to attend Summerslam. We went to every show over the weekend… except for Smackdown Live. 

With the way Smackdown is currently being booked it’s a show in a holding pattern out of ideas. This is clearly evident by the attendance at tonight’s taping. The storylines currently being booked by Smackdown’s creative are obviously falling flat with the audience. 

The WWE can only push their fans so far before they stop attending shows. It looks like we’ve reached that point. 


We received a ton a push back from people stating that the photo was either “fake” or taken “before people arrived”. This is simply not the case. The attendance was extremely low during the entire show. We’ve added two pictures below taken during the event. 

Photos Courtesy Aaron Kendrick (@TheNameIsBags)

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