Kayfabe lies: What’s happened to SmackDown Live

Kayfabe lies completely make up a story to fill in the blanks that the WWE writers did not.

Many fans are wondering “what’s happened to SmackDown Live?” Well, we at the Dirty Sheets, have managed to find out the answer via our ever reliable source, Dave Scmeltzer.

According to Schmeltzer, Vince McMahon was extremely keen to make Raw a better show than SmackDown Live. However, despite adding Goldberg and The Undertaker to the Raw brand during WrestleMania season, fans still preferred the SmackDown show.

This resulted in Vince McMahon changing his strategy- instead of focusing on making Raw better, Vince ordered Triple H and Stephanie to make SmackDown significantly worse.

Schmeltzer claims that Triple H was stumped by Vince’s confusing strategy, and felt like his back was up against the wall. Even Stephanie McMahon allegedly told Triple H, “your ass better call somebody.” Sources say that, “it was at that very moment, Triple H remembered his days travelling with DX, namely the Road-Dogg, Brian James.”

Triple H recalled that Road-Dogg would often pitch awful and inconceivable booking ideas, whilst the group were travelling on the road. Triple H then approached Vince McMahon with idea, telling the chairman that if he wanted to succeed in his quest to make SmackDown the significantly inferior brand, he had to hire Brian James. 

It has not taken long for the “Road-dogg” effect to take it’s toll on the SmackDown brand. The show has quickly become a minefield of meaningless title changes, repetitive matches and poorly utilized talents. In a matter of months, despite it’s tedious 3 hour length, fans unanimously agree that Raw has become the better show. Vince McMahon has seemingly successfully achieved his goal. Especially given the fact that the SmackDown’s mediocrity has certainly peaked over the summer. What was once known as the land of opportunity is now seen as the graveyard of the WWE, with talents such as, Baron Corbin, Rusev, Sami Zayn, Tye Dillinger, Mike Bennett and even Randy Orton, all buried by the booking of Brian James. 

Scmeltzer concluded, “Triple H, who is widely regarded as the king of the shovel, couldn’t have done it better himself.”