Major Update Regarding CM Punk’s Possible WWE Return

Various sources have given us a major update about the future of CM Punk. CM Punk’s longtime best friend, Colt Cabana, has told various sources that the WWE may be making CM Punk “waste money,” in order to force peace talks between the parties.

Punk and Cabana are both currently embroiled in a lawsuit with the WWE’s Doctor, Chris Amann, stemming for CM Punk’s interview on Colt Cabana’s podcast. CM Punk previously alleged that the WWE are bankrolling the lawsuit, simply to make him spend money.

One year ago, Punk said:

“It’s designed to get me to spend money. That’s what it’s doing, so it’s just a source of stress that I just need to get out from under. I have good days and I have bad days. Yeah, there’s a finish line for sure, but it’s the way these things work. It’s a bunch of B.S.”

One year on, the lawsuit still hasn’t gone away, with the latest development adding significant credibility to Punk’s claim, with the defendants being asked to pay $250,000 to begin “the process of discovery,” which would essentially involve looking through severs for old emails.

While Punk is capable of paying the fees, Cabana has told our sources that he is not, with some feeling the continuation of this lawsuit could potentially financially cripple Cabana. It’s worth nothing that, while Punk is more equipped to pay the fees, he is reported to have made $750,000 for his UFC debut again Mikey Gall. Therefore, this means that it’s highly plausible that Punk’s entire UFC purse will seemingly been wasted on funding this lawsuit.