Lucha Underground No More?

According to our sources, Lucha Underground’s days may be numbered, as the company have told their stars that they are 90% certain that they won’t be doing a 4th season.

Plans to announce a 4th season last month were halted without explanation, and, we have been told that the promotion’s talents have been internally advised to find alternative bookings when they would normally be shooting TV.

This has been confirmed to us by several independent wrestlers and promoters. The promoters have told us that several Lucha Underground talents have echoed to them the sentiment that the company may be done. In addition to that, we have received information that Rey Mysterio is in negotiations with GFW, having previously approached the WWE, who were not interested in their former star.

We have also seen Johnny Mundo recently surface on GFW television. However, given the recent reports about Anthem Sports wanting to sell GFW, it’s unlikely we will see Mundo remain with the promotion for long, or the Rey Mysterio signing materialize either.

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