MAJOR Match In the Works for Survivor Series

The Dirty Sheets has learned that the WWE would like to do The Undertaker vs John Cena at this year’s Survivor Series in Houston, Texas.

We have previously reported that Reigns vs Cena was moved to No Mercy, due to Cena being unavailable for TLC and Survivor Series due to his filming schedule.

All this is still the case, however, the WWE now have a commitment from The Undertaker, who is willing to wrestle, and return to the ring to face Cena. This changes a lot and the WWE are hoping that Cena will be able to secure his availability for limited number of dates, to face The Undertaker. This is in contrast to the more than the 3 months they previously needed from him in order to effectively build to the Roman Reigns encounter.

If John Cena receives the all clear, and that’s a big if, The Undertaker will be present at the Staples Center for the upcoming No Mercy PPV, and subsequently will be involved in the Reigns vs Cena match. Note, we have been told that the WWE see the likelihood of putting this match together as less than 50-50, it is however their wish to deliver the match at the Survivor Series. Our source also indicated that at this time last year, the WWE was trying to put together Goldberg vs Lesnar at Survivor Series, and only viewed that match as 10% viable. As we all are aware they managed to successfully pull that match off in the end.

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  1. Ummmmm so we can’t do cena vs reigns at survivor series because of cena not being free due to commitments for survivor series. But cena can face taker at survivor series.

    You just killed your credibility

      1. Still no credible source like Meltzer to begin with

        And read the story. But again I don’t buy it as there is no credible source to this story

        Not Meltzer, not pwinsider

        No actual factual source this article is bullshit

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