Real Reason why Shane McMahon is wrestling at Hell in the Cell

As I previously exclusively reported here on Sportskeeda, and via our YouTube channel, Shane McMahon is set to wrestle Kevin Owens at the upcoming Hell in the Cell PPV.

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Shane McMahon wrestling is often a topic that divides opinion, however, we can reveal that there are multiples reasons behind why Vince McMahon opts to have his 47-year-old son risk the dangers of the squared the circle.

These reasons are outlined in more detail the YouTube video, below, courtesy of my colleague Nick Connolly (credit-

The key reason behind focusing on Shane is the fact that Vince McMahon believes his son is a huge attraction. Internally, Shane is given a significant amount of credit for the success of WrestleMania 32.

The event was looking to me a monumental disaster at one point, until Shane McMahon was added to the card, resulting in the additional sale of the final 26,000 tickets- causing secondary market pricing to rise to an average of $301.

This could have just been a coincidental late surge for tickets, but McMahon firmly believes that it was based on his decision to reconcile with his son and bring him back into the fold. The event ending up bringing in $29.4 million for the company.

McMahon clearly banked on his son to deliver big business even before he saw the actual numbers, with Shane being signed to a $1.5m per year guaranteed contract.

According to our sources, Shane netted an impressive $1.8m during the first year of his deal, adding a hefty $300,000 in bonuses and royalties to his already healthy pack packet.

Shane’s current contract is solely a performer’s contract, meaning he has zero involvement in creative, thus meaning he’s simply signed to perform as the SmackDown GM, along with being contractually obligated to wrestle twice a year.

Therefore, whilst his match against Kevin Owens will fulfill his contractual obligation, make no mistake about it, the fact that Shane McMahon was ever offered such a lucrative deal, is solely down to the belief that Vince McMahon believes his son is a significant draw, who has the capability to boost fledgling business.

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