Rumor killer about tonight’s Mae Young classic

I can exclusively reveal that contrary to popular belief and rumours, the winner of tonight’s Mae Young Classic will NOT become the new NXT Champion.
The Mae Young Classic is an ongoing special event, promoted by the WWE and airing on the WWE Network. The 32 competitor tournament was exclusively for women from both NXT and the independent circuit.

The Mae Young classic will conclude tonight with the final. However, we will NOT be crowing a new NXT Women’s Champion as Dave Meltzer incorrectly started several weeks ago. The WWE did crown the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, it’s first every Cruiserweight, that being TJP. However, this is not the plan for the NXT Women’s Championship at tonight’s Mae Young final. 

The final will go down tonight after SmackDown and will take place in Las Vegas, NV. We have received inside information regarding who will win the tournament, which you can read. 

The Mae Young classic, much like the Cruiserweight, has been deemed a big success in the eyes of the fans. It’s unknown how many talents will remain with the WWE via NXT, however, they stand much more chance of succeeding than the Cruiserweight’s currently have, being that there is heavy focus on the women’s revolution and that women’s wrestling will seemingly be forever present, unlike the cruiserweight division, which surely has to be subject to cancellation as things stand. 

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