Why Kari Sane won the Mae Young Classic

As seen last night, Shayna Baszler lost to Kairi Sane in the final of the Mae Young Classic, in a huge upset. Sources have informed us that this was a last minute decision based a number of variables.

The Mae Young Classic was an ongoing special event, promoted by the WWE and is available on the WWE Network. The 32 competitor tournament was exclusively for women from both NXT and the independent circuit. It concluded last night in Vegas, with Kari Sane prevailing as the winner.

According to our sources, the late decision was made to have Kari Sane win, as the WWE have managed to negotiate a permanent deal with Sane; but NOT with Baszler, as things stand. The WWE were also able to trademark the name Kari Sane, who was formerly Kairi Hojo.

In addition to that, it was also decided that the winner of the Mae Young Classic will go on to receive a title shot for NXT shot. We are being informed that this title match will be a Fatal 4 Way for the vacant NXT Championship. The final reason was due to Vince McMahon’s decision to scrap any further teasing of a match between the 4 Horsewomen of MMA vs the 4 Horsewomen of the WWE. Vince was not involved in the original tease video that was filmed backstage, however, he was present last night and nixed any further teases due to the fact the WWE aren’t even in negotiations with Rousey and because Baszler also doesn’t have a WWE deal- unlike Kari Zane.

We have been told that Zane will end up in NXT and will be inserted straight into contention for the for the vacant NXT Championship.

Despite only being around a few months, Shayna Baszler has already become the victim of a Vince McMahon last minute decision. The WWE certainly failed to make the most of having Ronda Rousey on their TV, however, Vince McMahon’s philosophy of not promoting something they can’t deliver is both logical and consistent. Fans may recall when Vince McMahon was said to be furious backstage at both Steve Austin and Paul Heyman, for going into business for themselves on Austin’s podcast on WWE Network, when the pair began teasing a Lesnar vs Austin match for WrestleMania 32. A match Vince McMahon had no plans to do.