Cesaro Cleared to Return, Set to Replace Strowman at TLC

We previously reported that the rumored match between The Shield vs The Miztourage wouldn’t go ahead, with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel making way for Braun Strowman and Sheamus. However, Cesaro will now be replacing Strowman in the match, with Strowman likely to miss the PPV entirely.

Strowman faced Seth Rollins tonight on Raw and Dean Ambrose the previous week, as the WWE had planned to shoehorn Strowman into the main event, given Cesaro’s serious dental injury. However, with Cesaro receiving clearance to return earlier this afternoon and with the WWE wanting to re-build Strowman’s credibility after his loss No Mercy loss to Brock Lesnar, Cesaro will be replacing Strowman on the team, which is slated to lose to the returning Shield- wisely protecting Strowman from back to back PPV losses.

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