Hogan’s WWE Return Delayed

Hulk Hogan’s return to the WWE may be delayed until the company decide to induct the NWO. Sources have said that Hogan is certain to become a two time Hall of Famer at some point, however, the WWE are likely to now hold off his return until the NWO induction. It’s being said that the WWE only want to induct Hogan, Hall and Nash as part of the NWO faction, in order avoid lesser talents receiving multiple Hall of Fame accolades. It’s not known how the WWE will handle the induction on DX, as Triple H is said to immediately end discussions about any inductions involving himself, including Evolution, pushing for other talents and factions ahead of him. Triple H isn’t keen to enter the Hall of Fame whilst still actively wrestling.

Hogan’s return may be specifically earmarked for the 2019 Hall of Fame, if the WWE decide to take WrestleMania 35 to Minnesota, a City which has missed out on the event for the last two years, despite seemingly being the front-runner on both occasions. If Minnesota prevails, the WWE are likely to go with a WCW heavy line-up, given that Minnesota was the birthplace of WCW Monday Nitro. As fans will be aware, the WWE recently decided to bring back some old WCW PPVs, beginning with Starrcade this November.