WWE Partners With Infamous “Sweat Shop” Retailer

The WWE have began a partnership with the controversial British retailer, “Sports Direct,” who recently launched a range of Sports Direct exclusive WWE T-shirts for both adults and children, along with a limited number of action figures.

Numerous investigations have branded Sports Direct as a ‘sweatshop’ with working conditions compared to Victorian era and bosses are accused of punishing employees if they talk.

Further transgressions include- 

• Publicly shaming employees for ‘not working hard enough’
• Punishing people for spending too long in the toilet or even for falling ill.
• Failing to pay minimum wage
• ‘Six strikes’ rule can see staff terminated for too many minor infringements.

The findings also exposed how public address announcements, in both English and Polish, single out workers who are deemed to be slacking. The company employs a ‘six strike’ rule system where someone can be terminated for committing too many minor infringements.

This list of 36 ‘strikes’ includes talking, spending too long in the toilet, taking time off sick, and even failing to have a clipboard and pen on hand at all times.
The conditions are said to be so dire that Unite, a UK based labor union, has set up a dedicated hotline to help workers take action against bosses.