NXT Bringing Back WarGames

HHH took to Twitter this evening to announce that NXT Takeover Houston will be called NXT Takeover: WarGames. The event will feature the first WarGames match in nearly 20 years.

The rules of this type of match are rather complex. Teams of either 4 or 5 face each other in two rings and a giant steel cage. The match is broken down into several periods. The first period starts with two competitors facing off against each other for 5 minutes inside the cage. After the first 5 minute period a second two minute period begins, and one team having won a coin toss before the match began, adds another man to the cage. This now makes the match a two on one scenario. After the two minutes are up the other team’s next member enters the cage. The teams then alternate adding wrestlers every two minutes, until every man is in the cage. The match then continues for as long as it takes until one of the wrestlers either submits or surrenders. The match was created by Dusty Rhodes and was a staple of the NWA and WCW for for many years. Ric Flair’s 4 Horsemen we’re frequently featured as the heels in this match.

Aside from WarGames, the WWE have also recently brought back Starrcade, which many would consider the WCW’s WrestleMania, making this the second WCW property resurrected in recent days.

The concept of Hell in a Cell was somewhat based on WarGames.


It looks like the rules of this match will be a little bit different than the traditional WarGames match. This match will feature three teams of three. The teams are Undisputed vs SAnitY vs Roderick Strong & The Authors of Pain