Major Update Regarding Dolph Ziggler’s Future in The WWE

A reliable source has informed us that the Dolph Ziggler has signed short-term contract extension with the WWE. The feud with Bobby Roode is now set to be extended the company, opening the door to the possibility that the WWE will put Ziggler over this Sunday- in what would be considered a MAJOR upset.

In recent week’s Doph Ziggler’s career has seen a bit of a revitalization. For years since his Raw after WrestleMania cash in for the World Heavyweight Championship, his career has been filled with starts and stops. He continued to fall down the card and became relegated to “jobber to the stars” status.

We were told over the summer that Dolph was not expected to re-sign his contract after it expired this fall and move on to pastures new. However, it now appears that things have changed, with the WWE seeming feeling like Ziggler’s current gimmick is working.

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