Correcting Meltzer Error Regarding Cena/Lesnar at Survivor Series

Dave Meltzer recently reported that the WWE have pulled John Cena from the Survivor Series after securing Brock Lesnar for the show. This is completely untrue.

We previously correctly reported that Cena vs Reigns was slated for Survivor Series, however, that match was brought forward due to Cena’s unavailability, because of his filming schedule.

You can read the previous story by clicking the link here.

Therefore, it was due to John Cena’s unavailability that the WWE reached out to Lesnar to appear on Survivor Series. WWE did NOT secure Lesnar as a preference to Cena, it was Cena who told them he couldn’t do the show. Lesnar was originally set to sit on the sidelines until the build up to the Royal Rumble.

This story joins the long list of inaccurate reports by Meltzer in recent years. This year, 2017, is representing by far his peak year of inaccuracy, where he has been less than 10% accurate. By comparison, the Dirty Sheets have been over 97% accurate with the exclusives we have posted this year. PW Insider and Pro Wrestling Sheet have also proven themselves to be far more accurate than the man often considered to be the most reliable source in wrestling. Statistically, that statement is verifiably untrue.