SmackDown Results for October 10th 2017 & SmackDown in 30

Tag Team Roster Segment

Usos celebrate their win and are interrupted by the New Day. Usos make the claim that all other teams on Smackdown suck and New day partially agrees.

Every other team on the makes their way to the ring and Daniel Bryan comes and makes a number one contender fatal 4 way tag match that is happening after the commercial.

Number One Contenders Tag Match

The team of Benjamin and Gable win via pinfall with a moonsault by Gable. They defeated the teams of The Hype Bros, The Ascension, and Breezango.

Zayn/Owens Backstage Segment

Dasha is trying to get an interview backstage but is kept waiting outside Owens’ and Zayn’s locker room.

Women’s Backstage Segment

Lana, Tamina, Carmella and Charlotte all confront Natalya over who deserves the title most. Natalya insults Charlotte and is subsequently attacked by Charlotte.

Becky vs Carmella

Becky wins via submission with the disarm her.

Zayn/Owens in Ring Segment

Owens gives a promo with religious overtones, saying Shane almost sent him to meet St. Peter and if it wasn’t for his “guardian angel” Sami Zayn that may have happened. Sami comes to the ring and says that his assistance was not planned but a spontaneous reaction after realizing that Shane was a “psychopath” that was going to end his “brother’s career” or “even worse.” Zayn then says that he realized that Owens would always be his brother no matter what and that Owens had been right all along by taking what he wanted instead of being nice and having it handed to him. Sami and Owens embrace and stand tall.

Orton & Nakamura vs English & Rusev

Nakamura & Orton win via pinfall off of Nakamura hitting English with the Kinshasa.

Ziggler/Roode Talking Segment

Ziggler and Roode take turns talking trash and setup a rematch. Ziggler says Roode can name time and place. When Roode names there and then Ziggler says no because you know wrestling.

AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin, US Title Rematch

Corbin wins via pinfall with end of days.