Major News Regarding Enzo Amore & A New Superstar Debut

Following on from our story, “the truth about the Neville situation,” we also received some ground breaking news regarding Enzo.

According to our sources, Enzo was scheduled to lose the title to Kalisto at some point and then win it back. This was so that the stipulation not allowing the Cruiserweights who attacked Neville to receive a title shot, would be RESET, due to his second title run being a different title run. As reported previously, the long term plan was for Neville to dethrone Enzo.

In another piece of exclusive information, we have also been told that the WWE planned to give Enzo a bodyguard, similar to Shawn Michaels and Diesel, in order to aid him in winning back the Cruiserweight Championship and to stop the multi-person attacks on him by the entire division.

The front runners from role were former Impact Wrestling star Gunner and the 6ft 9 Babatunde Aiyegbusi, who is currently training at the WWE performance Center.

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