The TRUTH About the Neville Situation

We can reveal that the rumours regarding Neville asking for his release are completely true. However, having worked with Neville for 2 years (2007 and 2008), whilst both at IPW:UK, I was able to reach out to mutual friends and find out more about the situation.

According to my sources, Neville, whose friends still refer to as “Pac,” his former wrestling name , did NOT walk out because he was losing on Monday night to Enzo. The main reason he walked out was exactly the same as Austin Aries, in that he was told the long-term plan was for him to remain in the Cruiserweight division and chase the Cruiserweight Championship as a babyface.

Like Aries, Neville had no desire to remain tied to the fledgling Cruiserweight division. He had already expressed his feelings the prior week and upon learning that his request had fallen on deaf ears, Neville opted to walk out of the company. Neville had been unhappy for some time, despite his long title reign. Neville has been unhappy with spot in the company, his lack of merchandise and his WrestleMania payout- coupled with the fact his match with Aries was left off the WrestleMania 33 DVD.

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