Roman Reigns Has Words for a Former Intercontinental Champion

Cody Rhodes, former Intercontinental Champion, brother to current WWE Superstar Goldust, and son of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, understands the art of self promotion. Ever since walking out of the WWE, Cody has been on a campaign to make a name for himself on the independents, much in the same way Drew McIntyre had, in an attempt to legitimize himself and distance himself from his run in the WWE, a run that culminated in his portrayal of StarDust. In this vein Cody referred to himself as “The Biggest Damn Draw” in the business of Pro Wrestling after his appearance at Ring of Honor’s event Global Wars.

This is obviously hyperbole since it is a recorded fact that Cody works for a promotion that can’t even come close to the WWE in revenue or drawing power. A point that was not missed on WWE Superstar Roman Reigns who had some words in response to Rhodes’ claim.