WWE Creative Has Major Doubts About Lesnar vs Mahal

It was reported last week that Brock Lesnar vs Jinder Mahal would Main event Survivor Series in a non-title match.

Our source has revealed that Mahal will challenge Lesnar on tonight’s SmackDown, with many people inside the company expressing serious doubts over why the match is taking place. He specified that many feel that the match is a complete waste of a Brock date, whilst the SmackDown writers don’t understand why the WWE are handing Mahal a significant loss, whilst they are trying to overcome the uphill task of presenting him as a credible Champion.

He also revealed that Mahal is working through a shoulder injury, meaning that putting him in there with Brock- one of the most physical workers in the company, is a monumental risk. Mahal is currently pencilled in to hold the WWE Championship all the way until WrestleMania 34, where he is set to drop the title to John Cena.

We reported earlier this week that Mahal is currently working Fatal 4 Way matches on house shows, instead of working one on one matches with Nakamura. This is due to his shoulder injury, as a Fatal 4 Way allows his 3 opponents to carry the workload.

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  1. Waiting to hear from you guys about why Kane was brought into the shield situation on RAW? I have 2 guesses one is it will have something to do with Reigns retiring Taker or he will be used to have problems with Braun in the match to set up an excuse for how they lost 5 on 3.

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