***Spoiler*** Kane’s Future Plans Leak

As we saw, Kane returned to the WWE last night on Raw and joined the The Miz’s TLC team.

We were the first to report that Kane was taking time off to focus on his Knoxville Mayoral campaign and that he would return to the WWE to fulfil his contractual obligations.

The plan for Kane was always for him to feud with Roman Reigns, with Kane’s motivation for attacking Reigns being revenge for Reigns ending The Undertaker’s career.

However, the original idea was for Roman Reigns to win the Intercontinental and then to drop it back to The Miz shortly afterwards, with Kane’s assistance. This would have allowed Reigns to complete the GrandSlam and to drop the title back to Miz, without losing any momentum on route to WrestleMania. It also would’ve given Reigns a short-term feud in December to kill time before the road to WrestleMania, where he is still set to dethrone Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34.

Despite slightly changing plans, Roman Reigns defeating The Undertaker will still be cited as Kane’s motivation for attacking Reigns.