Major Heat on Bray Wyatt


Our sources have revealed that Bray Wyatt is currently in the WWE doghouse, as the company have now been dragged into his messy and bitter divorce.

Wyatt hasn’t been present at WWE TV tapings, as he been dealing with his divorce proceedings.

This is why the company has concocted the bizarre Sister Abigail segments. It’s purely a way to keep him on television, rather than handing him a rejuvenated push, as many people are mistakenly viewing it as.

The latest development in the divorce has seen  Samantha Rotunda’s representatives take legal action against the WWE, after the company failed comply with their request to release figures relating to Wyatt’s income. This has further intensified the heat on Wyatt, who was already in the company’s bad books after cheating on his wife with JoJo, a fellow a WWE employee. This was the main catalyst for Wyatt’s divorce.

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