***UPDATED*** Kurt Angle RETURNS to The Ring

Due to an undisclosed Illness Kurt Angle is replacing Roman Reigns at this Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view. AJ Styles will also be replacing Bray Wyatt this sunday. We will update this story as we get more info.


We have learned that the illness affecting the roster is not viral meningitis as was previously rumored but in fact the mumps. Reigns and Wyatt were not pulled from the PPV until early Friday as they were not showing symptoms. They along with the rest of the roster had been tested for the virus mid week, with the results coming in Friday morning. Our source isn’t clear on whether one or both actually tested positive or if they are being kept at home as a precautionary measure because they aren’t up-to-date with their vaccinations.

The mumps is a relatively rare illness that is spread through respiration. It used to be extremely common but with modern vaccinations the virus had been nearly wiped out by the 1970s. 

source: WWE.com

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