Impact Wrestling Fires Jeff Jarrett

Anthem Sports, the parent company of Impact Wrestling, has fired Jeff Jarrett and cut all ties with Global Force Wrestling. This is just the latest development in the Jarrett/TNA Impact/GFW love triangle. This saga has seen Jarrett and GFW coming in and out of Impact wrestling several times in the last few years. The woes that have affected Impact in the last 5 years is astounding and a whole book could be written on the subject. reached out to Jarrett and he was quoted as saying “Anthem is out of money.” If true, there is nothing new about this statement. Impact Wrestling/TNA has seemingly been out of money for well over 10 years. 

Impact Wrestling said in reply “That statement is inaccurate. Anthem and Impact Wrestling are looking forward to a successful 6-day tour in Ottawa, Nov. 5-10, and much more.”

Impact Wrestling much like the WWE continues to be a company out of ideas and without direction or focus. The only difference is WWE has some how figured out how to make money.