Raw Results for October 23rd 2017 & Raw in 30

Opening Talking Segment

Kurt Angle starts the show announcing that every champion from each brand will face each other at Survivor’s Series. Miz, Axel, Sheamus, and Cesaro interrupt and surround the ring. The Shield sans Reigns makes their way through the crowd to make the save. Angle books a tag match between Miz & The Bar vs The Shield & a surprise AJ Styles.

The Shield and AJ Styles wins via pinfall with a phenomenal forearm on Cesaro

After the match, Kane comes to the ring and attacks the shield. After the attack, Kane and Rollins have a staredown.

Kane Promo

Kane says he murdered Strowman in the garbage truck because of monster envy. Kane claims he’s the only monster in the WWE, cue Finn Balors music. Balor makes his entrance.

Kane vs Balor

Kane hits Balor with three chokeslams and wins via pinfall.

Asuka vs Emma Rematch

Asuka barely eeks out a victory and wins via submission with the Asuka lock.

Bliss & Mickie James Promo/Confrontation

Bliss is being a conceited little brat and Mickie James interrupts and beats down Bliss.

Backstage Segment Between Bayley, Banks, Fox, & Angle

Angle books a triple threat match between these three women with the winner being named team captain for Survivor’s Series.

Jason Jordan vs Elias

Jordan wins via DQ

Lesnar/ Heyman Promo

Heyman buries Jinder and says that Lesnar will destroy Mahal.

Cruiserweight Crap

Kalisto gets a rematch on 205 Live and is ashamed to have lost to Enzo.

Women’s Triple Threat to Determine Team Captain

Alicia Fox knocks Banks into Banks into Bayley while escaping the Banks Statment and pins Bayley for the Win.

Cruiserweight Cluster Fuck

Kalisto wins via pinfall after hitting the Salida Del Sol on Enzo in a multi-man tag match that included basically the entire cruiserweight division.

Survivor’s Series Promo

Angle is announcing the participants for the Raw vs Smackdown traditional Survivor’s Series match when he is interrupted by Shane McMahon and the Smackdown Live roster. Angle retreats in fear and Shane commands the Smackdown roster to “get” Kurt Angle. The Smackdown guys follow Kurt to the backstage area. The Smackdown roster then begins attacking members of Raw and destroying sets in the back. The Smackdown guys bring Angle back to the ring and Shane tells Angle to bring his Medal and what’s left of Raw to Survivor’s Series so Shane can “finish what he started”.

In the last 24 hours we’ve seen WWE superstars commit the following crimes:

  • Second-degree murder
  • Felony assault
  • Trespassing
  • kidnapping
  • criminal mischief
  • unlawful imprisonment

So much for PG.