Kurt Angle to wrestle at Survivor Series

Our sources have exclusively informed the Dirty Sheets that Kurt Angle WILL be wrestling at the Survivor Series and WILL be the captain of Team Raw in a 5 vs 5 Survivor Series match against Team SmackDown.

Plans were originally shelved for Kurt Angle to wrestle this year back in May, when the company cancelled a match between Seth Rollins and Kurt Angle, which 2K Games had begun subtlety promoting via their WWE 2K18 video game promos. However, we saw all Angle return to the ring at TLC, due to the loss of Roman Reigns, despite never passing a full WWE medical. You can read all about this by clicking here.

It’s possible that the WWE have done a complete U-turn and are confident that Angle will pass a full medical, however, our source thinks it’s more likely that the WWE are temporarily using Angle in multi-man matches, where he will be in a limited roll, so they can gauge how much Angle can move the needle in terms of interest and merchandising- before they fully commit to a proper singles return.