Wyatt and Reigns OFF November 6th Raw

Bray Wyatt and Roman will miss the UK Raw show, just 13 days before the Survivor Series PPV. With the pair also both being off tomorrow’s Raw, we are being told that it’s highly likely that Bray Wyatt will be left off the Survivor Series entirely. Prior to falling ill, Wyatt was already not scheduled to be appearing on WWE TV tapings, due to his pending divorce proceedings.

However, our sources have indicated to us that the company are STILL hoping that Roman Reigns will return to Raw on the Survivor Series go-home show and will still be shoe-horned into the Raw Survivor Series team. This is likely to infuriate UK fans, as Shield six-man tag matches were advertised for every show on the UK Tour. It will certainly be an even more bitter pill to swallow if Reigns returns to the company immediately after the tour, which is currently the plan. Triple H and Kurt Angle are now set to replace Reigns on the tour.