Raw Results October 30th 2017

Opening Segment

Show opens with Kurt Angle addressing the entire Raw roster who are gathered on the stage. Angle is set to make a promise regarding Survivor Series when Stephanie interrupts. Stephanie mentions the 25th anniversary Raw coming up, Kurt’s bastard child, and the “virus” going around. She announces the news we broke prior to Raw going on the air, that Kurt Angle will be the Raw men’s team captain at Survivor Series.

Miz vs Angle Confrontation

It seems that Bo Dallas is over the mumps because him, Axel, and Miz arrive together at Raw. Angle and Miz exchange a few words and Angle admonishes Miz about not being there last week to defend Raw. Angle says that he doesn’t want Miz representing the Raw men at Survivor Series. Angle books a match for later on in the night where Miz will be defending his IC title.

Bayley vs Nia Jax

Nia wins via pinfall with a legdrop. Alicia then picks Nia for the Raw Women’s team at Survivor series.

Samoa Joe vs Crews

Joe wins via submission with the Coquina Clutch

After the match Joe hit Titus with the Coquina Clutch.

Intercontinental Title match between Matt Hardy and Miz

Miz wins via pinfall with Skull Crushing Finale

Backstage Women’s Segment

Alexa tells Angle to fire Mickie. Angle then takes the advice, processes it, and books Bliss vs Mickie James as the main event later in the night.

Jobber vs Asuka

Asuka wins a squash match against local talent.

Smackdown Invades?

Daniel Bryan shows up in Angle’s office. Bryan and Angle have some words and Bryan apologizes for the Smackdown roster’s behavior the week prior. Angle says the Raw roster would tear Bryan up and suggest that to stay safe Bryan stays in Angle’s office. The lights go dark and after the commercial Bryan is seen airing grievances to an unknown third party on the phone regarding being locked alone in a dark room in the back. Bryan then actually has something physical happen to him when Kane attacks him in the dark office.

Cesaro vs Balor

Balor wins via pinfall

Kane vs Seth Rollins

Kane wins via pinfall with a chokeslam

Trick or Street Fight: Rhyno & Slater vs The Good Brothers

Rhyno and Slater win via pinfall after putting Anderson through a table.

Kalisto vs Gulak

Kalisto wins via pinfall with the Salida del Sol.

Raw Women’s Championship match between Alexa Bliss and Mickie James

Bliss wins with a pinfall out of nowhere after a competitive contest.

After the match Bo Dallas is launched from the backstage area followed by Miz and Axel. Braun then proceeds to beat down the whole Miztourage and at the end of the show powerslams Axel through the announce table.