Smackdown Results Halloween 2017

Opening Segment

Shane cuts a promo about how he’s tired of Smackdown playing second fiddle to Raw, and reveals he will be team captain of team Smackdown at Survivor Series.

Ziggler vs Roode Best 2 of 3 Falls Match

Ziggler won the first fall with as Superkick. During the commercial Roode scored the second fall. Roode scored the winning fall with a Glorious DDT. Roode cuts a post match promo saying that team Raw is going to come up short at Survivor Series.

Backstage Confrontation

Rusev and English confront the New Day, who are dressed as Brother Love (Kofi), Akeem (Big E), and Jimmy Hart (Woods). Rusev dumps their candy out and this leads to a match getting booked for later in the night.

Backstage Women’s Segment

Becky is backstage pumping up her team for Survivor Series and blah, blah, blah.

Corbin vs Sin Cara

Baron Corbin wins via DQ after a vicious assault from Sin Cara that just went too far.

Backstage Confrontation

The Usos and Gable & Benjamin cut promos on each other backstage building their program. They book a title match for next week on Smackdown

The running theme of this show is that Smackdown has an inferiority complex because they’re the B show. Funny because that is true because that’s how the shows are written. By acknowledging it and saying it’s not true doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Jinder Segment

Jinder drolls on incoherently.

AJ Styles vs Samir Singh

Jinder wins via pinfall and is immediately jumped from behind by the other Singh brother and Jinder. Jinder hits his finisher a few times and leaves AJ lying in a heap on the floor.

Backstage Segment

Owens and Zayn are backstage badmouthing Shane. Owens says he is going to defeat Nakamura and go on to win at Survivor Series on behalf of team Smackdown… wait what?

Big E vs Rusev

Rusev wins via pinfall with a kick after off a distraction by English.

Sin Cara Segment

Did you know that apparently the mask is very important to Luchadors? Apparently that’s why Sin Cara was so pissed at Corbin when he tried to remove Sin Cara’s mask.

Stranger Things Fashion Files

I heard next week’s fashion files will be called #metoo

Owens vs Nakamura

In the waste Nakamura matches world tour of 2017 we had a rematch of their ROH War of the Words match I saw in 2014. Nakamura won via pinfall with the Kinshasa.