Booking of Asuka Causing Major Creative Divide

Following on from our previous story, where we revealed that, the Raw and SmackDown writing teams were dead-locked regarding plans for Survivor Series, it has emerged that the booking of Asuka was a key issue in those preliminary discussions.

SmackDown are currently pencilled in to win the women’s match, a match they lost last year, however, the Raw writing team do not want anyone scoring any kind of victory over Asuka- which means they don’t want Asuka on a losing team.

With the plan being for SmackDown to win, this could mean we see Asuka inexplicably left off the Raw team entirely, a move some creative members feel equally damages Asuka, given that it portrays Asuka as being outside of the top women on Raw, ranking her below the likes of Mickie Janes, Nia Jaxx and Alicia Fox.

If this result is changed, it’ll be solely changed to cater for Asuka and may result in other matches being changed to solely keep her unbeaten.

One thought on “Booking of Asuka Causing Major Creative Divide

  1. She shouldn’t be losing at all right now by any means, put her on the Raw team and let her run through the smackdown team. It’s a meaningless match anyways and will keep her strong.

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