***UPDATE***WWE to Announce U.K. PPV

We were given this information by a source that is typically reliable, however it has been revealed that his original source was someone we have had a lot of issues with in the past. The original source Kenny McIntosh completely made up this news and his lie spread out among the UK pro wrestling scene where it was passed on to us. We apologize that we reported this lie and had we known our source had got it from Kenny McIntosh we would have never reported it to begin with.

The Dirty Sheets can reveal that the WWE are set to announce a UK PPV shortly. This will be a real PPV event and NOT a WWE Network special.

The PPV will take place on either the 6th or 13th of May and will emanate from Glasgow, Scotland- a surprising choice given it’s low capacity. It has not been confirmed yet if the show will be a Backlash or an Extreme Rules PPV.

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