Chris Jericho to Wrestle Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12

Chris Jericho and New Japan Pro Wrestling announced today that Jericho will be facing that stupid idiot Kenny Omega in the Tokyo Dome at Wretle Kingdom 12 on January 4th 2018. For those unaware, Wrestle Kindom is the WrestleMania of Japan. 

It will be very interesting to find out what sort of deal Jericho worked out between the WWE and NJPW. Jericho is an elder statesman of the WWE and does dip in and out of the WWE as he pleases, splitting his time between wrestling and his band Fozzy. Jericho is basically an untouchable in the company being one of the last superstars from the attitude era still wrestling regularly. 

Jericho has a lot of history in Japan. He lived and wrestled in Japan for many years early in his career, and was a major star there. He credits the time he spent in Japan, and in Mexico and Germany, as instrumental to his success in the WCW and WWE.